Volunteer in Sardinia for olive harvest

Feel like practising your italian while living an authentic cultural immersion? Go and volunteer in a Sardinian Olive farm!

Location : Alghero

Dates : October - December

Duration : 2 weeks

Tariff : 290,00 €

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Sardinia is known as the one of the five blue zones in the world - an area where the population lives longer and where there are many centenarians (The portraits of centenarians appear in the city of Alghero). Olive oil, which contributes to creating an intact and unpolluted environment, is a contributing factor to this longevity.
At their olive farm, Antonio and his wife Nicola have been growing olives organically for 15 years. They own 300 olive trees and need help to harvest the olives by hand (no tools used). The work is physical but rewarding and the living conditions are excellent.
On the farm also live three dogs, three cats and twenty hens.

Dates: From the last week of October, until December.
Length: Minimum 2 weeks

Location: The farm is 5 km from the city of Alghero in northern Sardinia towards Bosa. The sea is 300 meters from the house.

Work needed: From the end of October to the end of December the olive harvest will take place. Antonio does not use tools and prefers harvesting the olive by hand, which makes unsuspected muscles work.... The olives fall on the nets placed on the ground and are put in crates to be taken to the press. During the olive harvest, the work can last up to 7 hours a day but can also last 4 to 5 hours depending on the day.

Living conditions: One bedroom (double bed) with private bath is available. Meals are taken with the family and consist of local products, cheeses, pasta, seasonal vegetables ...
It is also possible to stay in an apartment in the city center and come to the farm by bike every day. In this case, only the lunch is taken with the family, the evenings are independent.

Prices: 2 weeks: 290€ - 4 weeks: 390€ - 6 weeks: 440€
These prices include:
-  The coordination and communication necessary to organize the placement
(the placement includes full board accommodation).
-  A follow-up from Aliore for the duration of your stay.
-  Fees to the association.

Booking: Please contact us by email : [Aliore mail infos@aliore.org]

Good to know: For those wishing to brush up their Italien, Nicola runs a language school in the centre of Alghero ! A week course costs 280€ (from 9h to 13h)
More information here: http://www.pintadera.info/home