Nosy Komba

Volunteer on a sustainable development project in Madagascar

Volunteer on a sustainable development project in Madagascar

Take part in the daily life of an integrated farm in agroforestry, agro-ecology and permaculture.

Live in contact with a small community and experience the reality of Malagasy farmers

On a pilot farm, take part to the protection of the natural and social environment, and contribute to the sustainable development of the communities on this small island

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    Detailed programme

    The project: Nosy Komba (the island of lemurs) is an exceptional island with a resilient population. The villagers subsist on fishing and tourism while the farmers have chosen to live on the high plateaus to set up their plantations. Today, Nosy Komba is populated by more than 5,000 people, the majority of whom are under the age of 18, but, like Madagascar, its economic aridity is inversely proportional to the opulence of its nature.

    Farmers traditionally oriented towards ecological and sustainable agriculture have abandoned rice and food crops in favour of cocoa, coffee, vanilla, pepper and cola. Monocultures and poor resource management lead to soil erosion and the gradual disappearance of the forest. Tourism has also developed in this beautiful region, bringing both advantages and disadvantages. Poverty, lack of education and lack of tools to live with dignity from the fruits of one's labour accelerate human predation and the disappearance of natural resources.

    The Malagasy association Akiba was created from this observation with the aim of helping the inhabitants of the island of Nosy Komba to have access to a decent life, while preserving their environment.

    The association promotes the Malagasy heritage in order to make the most of a generous nature and local know-how, rich in history and experience.

    It develops and protects natural resources in an environment recognised for its endemicity, in accordance with the principles of agroforestry and integrated systems.

    The association has created a pilot farm that experiments with new techniques in order to build, together with the farmers, methods that are beneficial to man and his environment and that can be appropriated by all. 

    It also uses local building materials and ecological and accessible technical means. It experiments with new practices and materials and reappropriates traditional knowledge.

    Your role as a volunteer: 

    For the mission within the pilot farm:

    ⦁ Maintain the garden, plant

    ⦁ Plant the seeds and participate in the nursery

    ⦁ Develop the vegetable garden on mounds

    ⦁ Develop breeding methods adapted to the climatic context

    ⦁ Raising awareness and helping local farmers to practice responsible agriculture for their food security

    ⦁ To monitor experiments and production

    For the mission in the field of sustainable construction: 

    ⦁ Construction of a duck pond and chick house

    ⦁ Cocoa fermenter box

    ⦁ Manufacture of houses, frames, furniture with local materials

    ⦁ Alcohol distiller and essential oils

    ⦁ Earth bricks, and construction of stoves, ovens

    ⦁ Laboratory for lye and soap

    ⦁ Oil press, incinerator, water turbine etc...

    For information, the association has also created a primary school with 70 children for which animation missions are possible for volunteers hired for several months within the school. They accompany the teachers in the school programme and develop awareness-raising activities for the pupils. Because the school is immersed in the overall project, the teaching is naturally similar to the Freinet and Montessori methods.

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Programme available all year round

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    In the northwest of Madagascar, on the island of Nosy Komba. Close to its big sister Nosy Be, it overlooks the region from the top of its 600 meters. 

    The association is located on the heights of Ampangorina, the main village of Nosy Komba, at 1h15 walking distance and 420m of difference in altitude on a nice forest path in the shade.

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    Missions of one month or more

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    ⦁ Be 21 years old or older 

    ⦁ Be in good physical condition 

    ⦁ Be open-minded and willing to live in conditions different from western comfort with a Malagasy family.

    ⦁ Like to live in the open air and in the middle of nature

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    Living Conditions

    A homestay in the middle of nature! 

    Vita Soa runs the guest house to welcome visitors and volunteers. 

    It is located in the heights of Nosy Komba at an altitude of 400 meters, on a wooded area, offering great opportunities for walks, and discovery of the endemic fauna and flora of the island. 

    The buildings are 100% ecological. Dormitory can welcome 12 people, there is a common shower with spring water and toilets with a phyto-water treatment basin. Sheets, blankets and towels are provided. Quality mattresses. Solar electricity & telephone recharging on site.

    The kitchen is 100% Malagasy and uses products from the organic garden.

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    590,00 €

    1 month

    2 months: 990 €

    3 months: 1390 €

    This price includes: 
    ⦁ Full board accommodation, local and organic meals
    ⦁ Supervision, equipment necessary for the mission
    ⦁ Membership fees and participation in the association

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