Indian Vegetarian Cooking Classes via Zoom!

Indian Vegetarian Cooking Classes via Zoom!

Cooking is a family affair here: each day, Gajendra and his wife Gayatri prepare the meals with great care, using chiefly produce grown in our organic garden.

Usually cooking classes are offered on-site to our guests. However it is now online that we give the opportunity to learn how to prepare dishes - to be selected together - that you will be able later on to share with your family and friends.

Each class lasts an hour, preparing 2 dishes.

Price: 7€/pers. 2 pers. minimum

Possibility of subscription. 3 classes: 20€/pers - 5 classes: 30€/pers.

Interactive classes, you can cook at the same time and ask questions.

For further information, contact Apani Dhani at: 

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