Mediterranean cooking course on Skopelos Island in Greece

Mediterranean cooking course on Skopelos Island in Greece

Learn to cook traditional dishes!

Organic and fresh food,

A warm and friendly atmosphere.

Combine your visit in Greece with cooking course and learn about the Greek well-being.

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    Detailed programme

    During the course you will have the opportunity to prepare and cook your own lunch, inspired by the Greek modern cuisine as well as the classic cuisine.
    You will enjoy the result of your cooking efforts under the shade of a pomegranate tree with a glass of wine.
    The aim of the course is to let you know about the Mediterranean cuisine, to introduce you to the aromatic herbs and their use in cooking, to introduce local products and their healthy benefits. The Greek traditional cuisine is a complete nutrition guide by itself where vegetables and pulse are essential.

    The cook:
    Anna Aivazoglou was born in Thessaloniki, where she studied to be a topographer and worked for about 6 years, until she started to develop a passion for culture and its relationship with gastronomy.
    She attended gastronomy seminars combined with health and nutrition in France, where she lived for 5 years.
    She then became a member of “Archestratos”, an association for the salvation and the promotion of the Greek ancient cuisine. Anna is someone who has the cuisine rooted in herself!
    Her cuisine is based on both a family culture, a great experience, creativity, a beautiful skill for the marriage of flavors. Anna has also a great ability and motivation to pass on her knowledge.

    You will share the daily life of Anna and will be immersed into the special atmosphere that drives kitchens in Greece at the mercy of traditional meals and celebrations ... Anna will share her recipes such as stuffed vegetables, beef made in casserole, spinach pie, meatballs soup, pork with cabbage.
    You will also learn how to make pickled anchovies, truffle cheese, stuffed mushrooms, tadziki, tarama, meatballs, grilled vegetables, beef with vegetables, baklava, yoghurt salty pies, etc ..
    You will learn many recipes (take notes!), you will learn how to use herbs in cooking and will reproduce gestures in a friendly atmosphere.

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From May to September according to Anna’s availability.
Certain periods such as August or the Easter weekend are very busy and less
conducive to knowledge transfer. Anna should be more available to share her know-how outside of these periods.

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    Anna lives on Skopelos Island and runs her own successful restaurant. Agapi, her daughter works with her in the kitchen.
    Eva and Eda also work in the kitchen and serve the clients of the restaurant.
    The courses take place in Anna's restaurant in parallel with the restaurant business.

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    3 days – From 10 am to 12:30 am. Plus the meal

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    Anna offers an apartment for rent just near the restaurant for 35€ per day per person (depending on the availability when you apply).

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    230,00 €

    for a 3 days course. Maximum 5 participants per course.
    Possibility to extend for 3 days more.


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