Phnom Penh

Traditional dance workshop in Cambodia

Traditional dance workshop in Cambodia

Cultural immersion with Khmers artists

Classical Cambodian dance

A warm welcome

Live with a company of musicians and dancers in Phnom Penh and learn their art!

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    Detailed programme

    We offer to spend a week in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia with the Sovanna Phum company of dancers and musicians, whose aim is to preserve and promote traditional Cambodian performing arts (shadow theatre, classical dance, folk dance, theatre, circus, etc...)

    Classical Cambodian dance has its origins with country and city folk. Khmer classical dances have four main characters, the prince, the princess, the giant and the monkey. They perpetuate the tradition of Reamker, the Cambodian adaptation of the Indian Ramayana and is the “soul of the nation”. Among the most famous we can find the wish dance (Robam Choun Por) the dance of the golden mermaid (Roban Sovan Matcha) the prayer dance (Roban Boung Soung) the friendship dance (Roban Mitte Pheap) the dance of the girl and the garland (Robam Phuong Neary) and the dance of the mythical bird (Robam Kenor).

    Folk dances have their origins in the celebrations peasants had after the harvest, where they danced in their villages, they are country dances. Country people understand each nuance in these dances which evoke the different aspects of village life, rice making, silk weaving, fishing, making palm sugar etc. Among the most famous we can find the coconut dance (Robam Kous Trolaok),the fishermans dance(Robam Nesat),the magic handkerchief dance (Robam Kanseng Snaè),the dance of the peacocks of Païlin (Robam Krong Aok Pailin), the pestle dance(Robam Angre), the mortar dance of Kdoeung (Robam Tbal Kdoeung), and the candle dance (Robam Tirn).

    The courses are given by professional dancers and musicians, trained at the Royal University of Arts of Phnom Penh.
    Groups are small to ensure that everybody gets attention from the teachers.

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Workshops take place all year round

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    Courses are given in the theatre where the company is rehearsing every day in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia

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    5 days, 3 hours a day

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    This programme does not provide accommodation, you will find hundreds of guest houses in Phnom Penh.

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    200,00 €

    the 15 hour course (costumes and membership fees included).

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    Good to know

    * Plan to attend the show offered Friday and Saturday evening for which the company trains all week!
    * It is possible to add extra hours or reduce or increase the number of days attended.

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