Flamenco guitar and rhythm courses in Seville, Spain

Flamenco guitar and rhythm courses in Seville, Spain

For guitar and Flamenco lovers!

Practise traditional music from the South of Spain with a specialist!

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    Detailed programme

    The art of flamenco was born in Andalusia in a marginal and persecuted community where jews, Arabs, Christians and Gypsies lived side by side. Flamenco represents a unique mix of all these influences, forged over centuries under the andalusian sun by people determined to escape their poverty via dance and music. There are 3 forms: Cante – song, Baile – dance and Guitarra – the guitar.
    We offer flamenco music courses starting every Monday in a school located in the heart of Seville.
    Covering all aspects of flamenco guitar, methods, exercises, falsetas, playing for singing and dancing... The one-to-one nature of the classes guarantees that each student can work on the aspect that he/ she wishes to learn, improve, or perfect.
    90 private minutes each day, from Monday till Friday.

    With your guitar course, you can also take a Compas y Palmas course (to learn the rhythm, the art of hand-clapping).
    The mystery of "compás" is the main task for all "aficionaos" of flamenco, whether it is for singing, for guitar or for dance.
    Classes in Compás & Palmas are individual classes which guarantee the instructor's attention to the needs of the student. Different songs will be studied as well as counter-times. It is a class for those interested in dance, guitar and flamenco, in general.

    To make the most of this experience, the school offers Spanish courses for all levels with a maximum number of 7 students per class.
    The Semi-intensive courses are ideal for those students who wish to participate also in other courses as Flamenco Dance or Flamenco Guitar during the same period of time.
    The Spanish course lasts 90 minutes each day, from Monday to Friday.
    In case there is only one person on the course, it would be 60 minutes each day.

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All year round

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    The school was founded in 1994 and is located in the heart of Seville.

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    From Monday to Friday (Participant should arrive in Seville on the Sunday prior to the start date)

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    The school has a network of individual and double rooms in shared flats, in the historic centre of the city, near the school and with access to kitchen, bathroom, etc.

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    305,00 €

    1 week Flamenca guitar course (5 lessons)

    Compas y Palmas (5 hours): 150 €

    1 week Collective Spanish course (all levels): 102 €

    Single room in a shared flat (6 nights): 200 €

    Decreasing prices from the 2nd week.

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    Good to know

    At New Year's Day, Christmas Day and Holy Friday, the school is closed,
    courses run on 4 days with the same rate.

    If you like Flamenco, Aliore also offer Flamenco dance course and Flamenco tour in Seville.

    This program is accessible to people with reduced mobility


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