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Cultural travels & worldwide workshops.


ALIORE is a French non-profit association
specialized in participatory tourism.

Experience the local way of life
and make friends with people
who value sharing!

Immersion programmes
for globetrotters aged 4 to 84 years old!
Expériences culturelles & activités de loisirs autour du monde. | Aliore



Miroslaw & Le 19/02/2019

"My wife and I spent 2 weeks in a medieval castle with a French couple who were very lenient with our French language. We had a marvellous vacation, very unique one. Spending 2 week at the medieval castle with a presence of old furniture, paintings, etc. even atmosphere was something out of ordinary. The people we met, people we made friends with all of it was worth while staying there. The landscape and its beauty nearly took our breath away. I was very pleased to be able to help other people with their everyday work. We did what we were told- sweeping the floor, flowering the plants, repairing the medieval wall and so on..."

Miroslaw & Joanna Le 16/10/2018

« J'ai passé un séjour exceptionnel à New York dans une famille adorable. Ce séjour m'a permis de prendre confiance en moi au niveau de la langue anglaise, même si mon anglais n'est pas parfait...

Anne-Laure, assistante de langue aux USA Le 28/01/2016

« Merveilleuse Séville avec des sévillan(e)s agréables, souriants, aidants. De la musique, des danses, des couleurs plein la tête : de belles fructueuses vacances !!! »

Valérie, Danse Flamenco Le 21/01/2016

“We had a wonderful experience with Aliore - lovely to have a French tutor in our home to help my daughter with her French homework, read to her in French and speak with her in French all the time. We all enjoyed the experience...”

HostFamily in New York Le 19/01/2016

« I recommend Aliore to anyone who wants to learn a second language, someone who has time to travel and likes to meet people from another countries. Having an Aliore experience, is something that enriches your life..."

Maria, language assistant Le 26/11/2015