Introduction to weaving in Cambodia

Experience a total immersion into Khmer culture through weaving.

Location : Koh Dach

Dates : All year round

Duration : 4 days

Tariff : 290,00 €

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Detailed programme:
Discover traditional Cambodia not far from Phnom Penh.
This workshop is a key to meeting local people from the isle of Koh Dach, and to experience a total immersion into this rural culture.
Monday morning: Arrival and first contact, meeting with a weaver and the translator, a stroll around the town, visit of the market (depending on the time), etc.
Monday afternoon: Visit of a silkworm farm about 30 km from the city.

Tuesday morning: Excursion around the island: on the back on a motorcycle you will discover the esoteric centre of the island and learn about the islander’s lifestyles, local nature and history. You will take some lanes that are only accessible by motorcycle: a real adventure!
Tuesday afternoon: Introduction to weaving workshop.

Wednesday morning: Second motorcycle tour around the island and the neighbouring island of Khokhna Tey, focusing on those aspects of the island that you didn’t see the previous day.
Wednesday afternoon: Weaving workshop

Thursday morning: second weaving session
Thursday afternoon: Free time. Bicycles available.
Guided tours and workshops are normally given in French and last about 3 hours. Scheduling is subject to change due to unpredictable reasons. However, should any activity be cancelled at a certain moment it will be rescheduled at another time during your stay. Please keep an open mind regarding flexibility.

Place: Koh Dach is a rural island in the middle of the Mekong River north of the capital, Phnom Penh. Koh Dach has a great variety of astonishing landscapes for an island that is about 50 km2. There are five villages and seven temples, one of which is from 1850. Koh Dach cannot be separated from the Mekong and the corresponding way of life. At the northern end of the island the sand carried by the river accumulates and creates a seasonal beach. That is the best time for enjoying a refreshing swim and the permanent breeze or for a nap by the water in a thatched-roofed hut. You can also rent a fishing boat for a ride on the river.

dates: Available year-round.

Duration: 4 days, from Monday morning until Friday morning

Accommodation: A guest house at the Villa Koh Dach, owned by a French-Khmer family.
Meet Meng, who speaks English, his wife Bô, who prepares delicious recipes, and Marady, the younger of the two daughters who speak some basic French. And whenever Roger and Vana are around the place gets pretty lively!
The Villa’s convivial layout facilitates the contact between the family and the guests as well as travelers. Indeed, the Villa is designed to harmoniously combine personal exchanges and discussions with quietness and insight.
To access the guest house you need to cross the family’s house, then an inner landscaped courtyard with small tables in the midst of flowers and bushes. The kitchen looks onto the garden and attached to it is a small bar.
The Villa offers rooms with screened windows, a fan and a toilet/bathroom.

Cost: 260 €
The price includes:
- 4 nights in private room
- all the meals
- all excursions
- the weaving workshop (about 12 hours)
- the membership fees

The price does not include drinks throughout your stay.

Good to know:
To learn more about la villa Koh Dach and la villa Koh Dach, the blog .

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