The trip will be highly beneficial to everyone if it results in a positive exchange with the local population. In addition to wonderful landscapes and monuments, our fondest memories are often random encounters with local people.

That is precisely what we intended to focus on when we created our Aliore programmes. We set up unique human experiences making your holidays a real opportunity for exchange, discovery, pleasure and personal enrichment.

Our workshops give travellers the possibility to live with the local population and represent a doorway into a way of life which is almost inaccessible when one is a simple tourist.
You will take part in cultural and traditional activities in the very places they originate from. You will learn with local teachers. You will stay with the local population in half or full board. The workshops will give you an authentic cultural experience.
Our workshops are for anyone who is looking for a genuine cultural exchange. Everyone will be able to go back to the roots of their favourite activity and acquire or improve skills during this life-enriching experience.

This cultural immersion is special because it takes place in the context of a truly equitable exchange. Indeed, relations between rich and poor countries are rarely fair. Our workshops try to change this relationship: the local craftspeople are the teachers and you are the students.

No matter how long you stay, whether you choose a package holiday or an adventure, alone or with friends, a one-week workshop can easily be integrated with your planned trip. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that will allow you to have a total immersion into that country and view the culture from within.

In addition to artistic activities – dance and music and crafts or culinary workshops - we offer cultural and linguistic programs facilitating encounters between French and English speakers.

We offer families the opportunity to host a French speaker, leading to a true linguistic and cultural exchange on an everyday basis at a very low cost (no need to organize your trip, no fees for language classes) and everybody benefits!

You can also travel as an English assistant to a French speaking country to experience the French lifestyle while sharing your knowledge of the English language and culture with your host family.