K-pop & cultural exchange camp in Seoul

K-pop & cultural exchange camp in Seoul

To be Kpop star!

Hip Hop, Vocal, Choreo, Waacking, Stage Performance

Full course offered by the most prestigious K-pop school, the School of Performing Art Seoul!



21 to 29 June 2023
18 to 26 July 2023


9 days


1 390,00 €

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    Detailed programme

    Be part of the most famous KPOP High School with their professional trainers ! High School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) is the birthplace of K-Pop stars. Also organised with Doowon art and Media University (DUT), this programme is for teenagers interested in Korean pop culture.


    The influence of the Korean wave in wide range of arts such as music, musicals, dramas, movies and fashion is unique and has wowed people all over the world with its special charm.

    The K-pop & Cultural exchange camp is a professional K-pop camp where you want to experience Korean culture first hand.

    It is an open ground for young people who dreams of becoming future stars !


    A practical and systematic programme is conducted with professional mentor instructors from SOPA, who have produced Korean K-Pop stars. Through systematic and creative practical education, through specialized education systems in various fields such as broadcasting, film, performance and musicals, this is a place for discovering comprehensive entertainers who will lead a new paradigm of culture and art, and a starting point for future popular art professionals with knowledge, ability and personality.


    You’ll have the chance to meet Korean students and will get welcoming performances, school visit, cultural exchange, activities and educational travel with professional instructors. 

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03 to 11 January and 11 to 19 January 2023

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    DUT University, Art Campus, Seoul

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    9 days - 8 nights

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    Lower Grades (Elementary-Middle 1)

    Secondary (Secondary 2-Higher) and All teenagers over the age of 10 to 18

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    Accommodation in single-sex dormitories at the university.

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    Living Conditions

    Full support from InGroup's host organisation, Voyage Korea: airport pick-up, transfer to accommodation, accompaniment on outings, 24-hour supervision by instructors.

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    1 390,00 €

    What’s included ?

    - KPOP lessons, 

    - Stage Performances 

    - Accommodation and meals, snacks, drinks, 

    - T-shirts, souvenirs 

    - Educational Travel, 

    - Transportation with Instructors. 

    - 24 hours monitoring, Supervision, 

    - Entrance fees, 

    - Certificate, 

    - Insurance

    Not included : 

    - Return Ticket, 

    - Visa Fee, 

    - Personal Money, 

    - Toiletries 

    - 3 times free dinner and 2 times free lunch during travel.

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    Application Process

    To receive the information package and apply, please contact us by email.

You can directly email us at

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