Puppet Making Workshop for Greek shadow theatre in Greece

Create your own puppet for Greek shadow theater in the company of Greek artists specialized in the transmission and sharing of this knowledge.

Location : Thessaloniki

Dates : All year round

Duration : 3 days

Tariff : 435,00 €

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The art of shadow theater known as "Karagkiozis" is of oriental origin. It became popular among Muslim Turks in the sixteenth century and spreaded in Greece in the late nineteenth century.
Karaghiozis is the main character of the tales told in the Turkish and Greek shadow theater. By extension it gave its name to this theatrical form based on improvisation. Most Karagkiozis shows are comedies.
You will learn about the shadow theatre and create your own puppet with Skias Onar a non-profitable and non-governmental organization based in Thessaloniki. Their main goal is to promote Greek shadow theatre as unique art and tradition and elevate its artistic awareness, by researching history, oral tradition and old puppetry techniques. They also use “Karagkiozis” with schools to promote social inclusion, environmental education, cultural differences, European awareness, anti-discrimination, etc.

Detailed programme
The course lasts three days, 5 hours per day (15 hours of training in total).

Day 1:
The first day is the introduction of the shadow theatre in general and specifically the Greek shadow theatre.
The participant gets familiar with the characters, the stories, and the technical things like the lights, the scenery, and the figures.
You’ll have an introduction to the different techniques of shadow puppet making and the materials and tools used to make figures-puppets.
You will create a model of the figure-puppet that you will make the following days.

Day 2:
The second day participants go to a more detailed usage of the tools and the material and start with the figure making.
The last 30 minutes the participant will be helped to construct a small sketch to present to the group.
All the figures that represent the characters of the shows are two dimensional and designed always in profile. They were traditionally made from camel skin, carved to allow light through the image, creating details, but are today most often made of cardboard. Traditional puppets gave off black shadows against the white screen, but some more recent puppets have holes covered with colored silk or plastic gel materials to create colored shadows.

Day 3:
The third day the participant finishes with the making of the figure.
The participant tests the figure on the scene and performs with the teacher’s assistance a small sketch that has been prepared during the previous day (or a given sketch).

The workshop takes place in a working space in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Dates: All year round

Duration: 3 days, 5 hours per day

This programme does not provide accommodation, you will find hundreds of guest houses in Thessaloniki.

Tariff: 435€
This price includes:
- 15 hours of puppet making workshop
- Material to make one puppet
- Possibility to see a show of the company
- Membership fees to the association