Pottery workshop in Togo, Africa

Pottery workshop in Togo, Africa

A different way of discovering Togo and its people!

Discover Togo and its people through learning pottery.

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    Detailed programme

    Togo is a small country in West Africa. Its charm comes from the great diversity in its landscape despite a relatively small surface area, and the great care given by the Togolese people in preserving their environment and in assuring that guests are well received. Everywhere from the North to the South you will hear: «Soyez les bienvenus» («You are welcome here».)

    This workshop with local artisans is real introduction to the country.
    The workshops are organized by a local NGO, FAGAD « Frères Agriculteurs et Artisans pour le Développement » (Brother Farmers and Artisans for Development), which was created in 1990 and is specialized in the organization of volunteer projects. The courses are led by artisan teachers who live in the high plateau region of South West Togo. On average, the courses last 5 days, 3 hours a day.

    In pottery, you will be able to make vases, bowls, ashtrays, etc.

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All year round.

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    The workshop takes place in Kpele-Adéta, a town of 15,000 people located
    at the crossroads of Kpalime-Atakpame, Notse-Danyi. This is also where
    the headquarters of FAGAD are located.

    This region is especially attractive to « Eco-tourists » as it provides hiking with great diversity in flora and fauna. One can discover beautiful forests, a veritable botanical paradise, waterfalls that cool the very warm climate, fields of coffee, cocoa and palms, etc.

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    The workshop last 5 days – accommodation for 7 nights.

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    You will be lodged with full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at the homes of local inhabitants.
    Homes are built in the traditional architectural style with toilet facilities constructed outside of the home for hygienic reasons (bucket showers).
    You will be provided with your own private room. You must bring a mosquito net. (Nets can also be purchased locally at a very low cost.)
    The families housing our guests have experience receiving young foreigners coming to Togo to participate in volunteer projects.

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    350,00 €

    - 15 course hours with an artisan teacher (3 hours per day from Monday to Friday)
    - Welcome at Lome's airport (if necessary)
    - Transfer to the family where you will be staying
    - Transfer to the artisan teacher the first day
    - Lodging with full board for 7 days
    - Assistance for the duration of your stay via our local partner
    - Membership fees for the association

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    Visit our partner’s website: FAGAD


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