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ALIORE, Worldwide workshops is an association formed in September 2005 in Montpellier under the 1901 Statute which governs associations. The association aims to develop and promote the practise of traditional activities in the country or region from which they originate. This allows a total cultural immersion, while promoting the transmission of traditional knowledge and local development.

The project was created by three of the association’s founding members
who love travel and meeting people:

Diverres Anne-sophie

Mc Nish Pauline

Founding member & Secretary of the association

Pauline was born and raised in Scotland; she holds a Bachelor of Arts in European Languages and Institutions and completed the CAPES in English. She has been teaching her native language for over twenty years. As an avid traveller, her various experiences and her translation skills are of great benefit to the association.


Founding member & manager of the association

Soizick graduated from the Ecole du LOUVRE, holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Ethnology and Sociology and a Diploma of Specialized Studies (DESS) in Social Methods of Development from Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. She travels for work and also often for fun. She now lives in Montpellier where she is raising her three children and managing the association


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Travel differently

The trip will be highly beneficial to everyone if it results in a positive exchange with the local population. In addition to wonderful landscapes and monuments, our fondest memories are often random encounters with local people.

That is precisely what we intended to focus on when we created our Aliore programmes. We set up unique human experiences making your holidays a real opportunity for exchange, discovery, pleasure and personal enrichment.

Our workshops give travellers the possibility to live with the local population and represent a doorway into a way of life which is almost inaccessible when one is a simple tourist.
You will take part in cultural and traditional activities in the very places they originate from. You will learn with local teachers. You will stay with the local population in half or full board. The workshops will give you an authentic cultural experience.
Our workshops are for anyone who is looking for a genuine cultural exchange. Everyone will be able to go back to the roots of their favourite activity and acquire or improve skills during this life-enriching experience.
No matter how long you stay, whether you choose a package holiday or an adventure, alone or with friends, a one-week workshop can easily be integrated with your planned trip. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that will allow you to have a total immersion into that country and view the culture from within.

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    This cultural immersion is special because it takes place in the context of a truly equitable exchange. Indeed, relations between rich and poor countries are rarely fair. Our workshops try to change this relationship: the local craftspeople are the teachers and you are the students.

    In addition to the workshops, we have set up cultural exchange programmes to allow immersion at low cost through volunteering. Our volunteer programmes are available in France, England, Spain or the USA, already favored Western countries, because the idea once again is to offer the fairest possible relationship: it is an exchange of service for accommodation. Everyone is benefiting.

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    We promote a participatory tourism that focuses on meeting and exchanging with the local population while contributing to the local development of the people involved.
    The prices presented on our website are derived from local prices to which we add our membership fee of 50 Euros and the fees for connecting to our partners. The membership fee gives you access to all our workshops for one year.
    Your payment contributes to the economic development of the local population, because deduction of the Aliore fee, the money for each workshop goes directly to our local partners. Therefore, the revenue generated by your trip goes directly towards improving the lives of the families involved.

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    The association is managed by its founding members and is part of a national and international network started in 2005 and operational in more than 25 countries.
    Our network includes schools, family-run companies, associations, craftspeople, and local NGOs.
    In most cases our partners are based locally; they organise and carry out each programme.

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    The ALIORE association is a member of of UNAT Occitanie, network for Social and Fair Tourism in France and ATD, French Stakeholders for Sustainable Tourism.
    We also work with agencies promoting our programmes abroad like GoOverseas, which offers volunteer programmes for responsible travel, GoAbroad important resource for meaningful travel, or in France Voyages pour la Planète, the guide for sustainable tourism.

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    In addition to our local partners, each participant becomes an active member by taking part in a workshop and each one of you is invited to tell us about your experiences.
    We also encourage each member to let us know when they find activities during their stay which could become new workshops and offered on our website. Please help us develop the association!

    You practice an activity (artistic, cultural or culinary) characteristic of your country (or region) and you would like to join our range of thematic workshops around the world to promote your activity? Do not hesitate to contact us to present us your activity and receive a partnership proposal.

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    You are responsible for all your travel expenses. Aliore will help you make your travel experience unforgettable because our workshops give you the opportunity to develop relationships with local people.
    We have chosen to focus on the quality and the uniqueness of the workshops. Participants organise their trip as they wish. We suggest that you compare air fares on the internet or that you contact a Travel Agency to organise your international transport.

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    In France, the association ALIORE is insured according to “Public liability “ or third party insurance with the insurance company MAIF, but each participant must be covered by travel insurance (public liability, medical, repatriation, cancellation) during their stay.

You can directly email us at:

Enjoy the adventure !

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