Welcome a French speaker into your home

Speak French at home! Welcome a French speaker into your family for 1 month. In exchange for bed and board, your family will receive 15 hours French a week (informal lessons, conversation, games, etc.)

Localisation : USA,UK,Australia,Ireland

Dates : Toute l'année

Durée : 1 mois

Tarif : 80,00 €


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Detailed programme:
This programme is based and focuses on cultural exchange. You and your family have the possibility of experiencing French culture and language without greatly altering your daily routine. This programme is a great opportunity to develop your French language skills and to provide your children with personalised support. Speaking French on a daily basis is the best way to prepare for an oral, pass an exam or undertake a new project with confidence.

This is a volunteer programme between a family who is willing and able to welcome a French Speaker into their home; and a French person who wants total immersion in your culture while educating the host family about their culture.

The Aliore association acts as the intermediary ; organising a suitable placement that corresponds to the family’s needs and those of the French speaker. We are at hand to make sure that everything goes well during the placement. However, this programme requires open-mindedness and flexibility to be a successful and enriching experience for both parties.

Place: This programme is open to all native English Speaking countries as UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA…

Dates: All year round

Duration: 4 weeks

What you receive:
The French assistant offers up to 15 hours of French a week. The lessons can be informal, based on activities such as games, sport, music, etc. using only the French language; conversations on a daily basis (during meal times for example) continual personalised support for you and your children. The lesson programme is determined in advance between the language assistant and the family, so that certain language skills are addressed within the weekly timetable.

What you provide:
You will lodge the French assistant (in an individual room) and he/she will take meals with the family. The person you welcome into your home has not come as a guest but to become a member of the family, to take part in your family’s activities. French assistants are not an au pair, but as a member of the family will take care of their own room and will give a helping hand.

Participants profile:
The assistants are volunteers. Candidates are aged from 18 to 77, they are graduated from High school and are native French speakers. They have a certain level of English and are fully insured to cover their stay. Each applicant is interviewed and carefully selected taking into account their genuine desire to share their language and culture with their host-family.

- 50 €, for the enrolment fees (per year)
- 80 €, per placement for the selection of the candidates and the follow up during the placement.

Application process:
If your family is interested in this unique learning and cultural opportunity please send us an email to infos@aliore.org to receive the application form and information.
A telephone appointment can be arranged so that we become acquainted and answer all questions.

Good to know:

You can also live in France as an english tutor .


“It is a program best suited to kind, generous, and patient people. Both parties will gain cultural insight, learn to recognize cultural differences, and gain lifelong associations.”

Janice Le 24/08/2017

"I have had a very positive experience with Aliore, this time as a host to a language assistant in my own home. What I love about Aliore is the chance to really get to know people from another country - something that is not possible as a tourist. Whether you are the Language Assistant in another country or hosting a Language Assistant in your own country, Aliore provides an opportunity for friendship across the seas and a deeper understanding of a different culture. It is a wonderful experience.
I really liked having someone of my own age group in my home as I found that we could communicate really well. We had very similar ideas and tastes about many things. All in all, it was very easy to welcome Jacky into my home as she fitted in very well. She was a lot of fun and a delightful Language Assistant."

Margaret Le 20/08/2017

"Personal contact and relaxed fun language practice. Lina was enthusiastic in all aspects of the experience and fit in easily with our family routine. We enjoyed her company and this made it easy to communicate and share our language.
We have welcomed 5 different French candidates in our home from Aliore and all of them have been exceptional. Our lives have been enriched through the experience and it is something that we will always wish to support."

April & family Le 08/07/2017

“We had a wonderful experience with Aliore - lovely to have a French tutor in our home to help my daughter with her French homework, read to her in French and speak with her in French all the time. We all enjoyed the experience and my children became quite attached to A-L. I would recommend this programme to anyone interested in opening up their home to a tutor.”

HostFamily in New York Le 19/01/2016