Community Volunteering in Costa Rica

Community Volunteering in Costa Rica

Help protect the natural heritage of Costa Rica for future generations!

Volunteer with local associations

Contribute to the conservation of natural resources and the socio-economic development of the region!

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    Detailed programme

    This will be an excellent opportunity for you to know about the work of rural communities, to know more about their culture and the friendliness of the population in Costa Rica. You will be able to support them in everyday life action. 

    The activities in which you will participate will allow you to enjoy, know and learn about the sustainable development in which rural communities are trying to be part of. 


    The foundation has established three different programmes:

    The first project is to help a rural community that promotes community-based rural tourism. The women's group serves the purpose to assist the women to be independent, autonomous, in addition to being single mothers, married mothers, wives and homemakers. The women of the village are poorly educated, their lives are limited by poverty, geographical isolation and lack of opportunities. This project provides opportunity and hope for the women in this area to have their own economic resources, acquire more security in themselves, increase their self-esteem, improve their quality of life and have more control over their own happiness.

    The main objective of the second project is to create development alternatives for families and communities, while conserving natural resources. Made up of 72 associates and more than 200 beneficiaries, the organization works on different productive activities generating social, environmental and economic development. With this project, integrate the work of men, women, youth and children in an action program that guarantees true sustainable development through the diversification of productive activities committed to protecting the environment as well as the values and culture of the population. 

    The third project is with an association which was established in November 2013 to meet the needs of both communities, which together have around 2600 inhabitants. The association’s members are making progress toward creating an international market for the coffee grown in this community. The goal of the association is to enable sustainable development in the area, through the creation of productive activities consistent with the environment (which also provides quality of life to its residents), creation of opportunities for all sectors of the community’s population, improvement in public services, community-based rural tourism, and rational use of natural resources.

    Your missions as a volunteer: 

    Making artisanal cheese and chocolate,

    Production of marmalades

    Cleaning campaigns for solid waste collection

    Gardening development

    Development of forest nurseries, 

    Construction of infrastructure, 

    Support of artisanal crafts and furniture construction

    Coffee harvesting and coffee drying, 

    And many more… 

    Free time: 

    As a volunteer you will have one free day each week. You may choose to:

    Play community sports

    Visit rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, and holistic farms

    Go for walks in the community

    Go horseback riding

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This programme is available all year round.
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    La Amistad International Park in the south of the country. Altamira de Biolley y San Isidro, in Puntarenas.

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    Minimum one week.

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    Aged 18 or over.

    Good physical condition.

    Basic knowledge of Spanish.

    You must be friendly, communicative and able to work in extreme weather conditions for 4-6 hours per day.

    It is important that you like animals and children.

    You must not use drugs, alcohol or cigarettes during your participation in the project.

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    You will be able to stay in an inn or you will be hosted at a family’s house in the village (according to the disponibilities and the programme you will be placed in). 

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    Living Conditions

    To receive the complete file, please contact us by email.

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    420,00 €

    for one week.

    2 weeks: 780€

    3 weeks: 1120€

    4 weeks: 1450€

    This price includes: 


    Three meals a day 


    Association membership fees

    It does not include: 

    Snack food

    Arrival and departure transportation costs. 

    You must have a medical travel insurance policy for the duration of your stay. 

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