Pottery and Raku firing in the Cevennes, South of France

Pottery and Raku firing in the Cevennes, South of France

Creative workshop in Cevennes

Peace and beauty of the site leading to creation

Live a creative experience through the use of clay and the technique of Raku!

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    Detailed programme

    Raku is a firing technique originating from Japan which is linked to the tea making ceremony. In its modern version, it is accessible to a beginner who can quickly acquire a degree of autonomy in the firing of his or her pots.
    During the 5-day course, you will make earthenware pots, enamel and fire them Raku style.
    You will take your creations home.

    - Monday: 09h30 to 12h30: shaping raw earth
    - Tuesday: 9h30 to 15h30h continuation and free workshop in the afternoon.
    - Wednesday: 9h30 to 13h: shaping and finishes and then baking in the oven
    - Thursday: enamel from 15h to ...
    - Friday: Raku firings from 9h30 to 14h30

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08 to 12 April 2024

The rest of the year, the workshop is opened upon request for groups.

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    The workshop takes place in Pompignan, typical village of the Cévennes, South of France.

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    5 days

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    It is possible to live in a homestay on site.

    The single room is 295€ per workshop (6 nights) and the double room is 350€.

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    545,00 €

    for 5 sessions (2h30 each session) + Raku firing time and membership fees.

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