Be an artist near New York: Craft program for ages 14-18

Creative young people will have the rare opportunity to study and work with professional artists in a supportive and engaging environment.

Location : Massachusetts

Dates : July 1 to 14 and 15 to 28

Duration : 2 weeks

Tariff : 3 190,00 €

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First session : 01 to 14 July 2018

Second session : 15 to 28 July 2018


With only nine students and two instructors per studio, this program provides focused one-on-one instruction, with an emphasis on both process and product. Students enroll in two studio classes, spending the morning in one and the afternoon in the other. In the late afternoon and evening, students continue their studio practice during Open Studio – a time for self-directed (and supervised) work in either of their studios.  With six hours of instructional studio time and up to 5 hours of open studio, many students spend 8 – 9 hours a day creating. Individual classes sometimes take short field trips to nearby museums, artist studios, or galleries. Of course, there's time every day for more relaxed activities too, from a trip to a swimming hole or ice cream stand to a pick-up soccer game.

Every weekend we invite guest artists to present their work and lead a one-day workshop in a specialized medium; recent classes have included digital animation, mosaics, and site specific installations. For a fresh perspective, students are encouraged to choose a workshop that is as different as possible from their regular studios.

On Saturday night we let loose and get together for a big event – anything from a campus wide game of capture-the-flag to a full on talent show. On Sunday, we pile into a bus and head out to explore the fertile creative life in western Massachusetts. In recent years, field trips have included MASSMoCA in North Adams, The Clark Museum in Williamstown, and other local sites.

Students are a diverse group of young people between the ages of 14 and 18. Our small classes and extensive facilities allow students at all levels of experience and skill to grow and develop as artists. Some students arrive with specific goals and projects in mind, and others are ready to experiment with a brand new medium; some are preparing their portfolios for college applications, while others are taking the first step on their creative path. Our tranquil setting and focused, energetic environment provide a great opportunity to jump into a new medium or refine technique in an area of expertise.  But no matter what they walk in the door with, our students leave with an unforgettable experience, lasting friendships and real skills.


Professionally equipped studios and a low student-teacher ratio assures that all students receive individual attention and constructive critique. No prior experience is needed to enroll in any of our studios – both beginning and advanced students are welcome.

Painting & Drawing: Students in the Painting and Drawing studio will be introduced to both traditional and contemporary techniques, and will develop confidence with a wide variety of materials and tools.  A firm grounding in technique - line, tone, composition and color – will provide a foundation for experimentation and creative development. Students will study the human figure, forms in nature, landscapes, and still-life setups, and will produce portfolio-ready work.

Ceramics: Students in the Ceramics studio use a wide range of making and firing techniques to create functional pottery and experimental sculpture using traditional and contemporary forms.  Students are directly involved in every aspect of the studio, from mixing glazes to loading and firing the kilns. The studio is equipped with nine high quality electric wheels, a slab roller, two large electric kilns, a raku kiln, a salt/soda kiln, and a Bailey gas reduction kiln.

Metalsmithing & Jewelry: Using silver, brass, and copper, students in the Metalsmithing and Jewelry studio will explore the design and construction of metal jewelry and functional pieces – from necklaces to spoons. Students will become comfortable with foundational fabrication and joining methods, and will explore inlay, stone setting, and other decorative techniques. There will be an emphasis on designing objects of personal meaning.

Glassblowing: The Glassblowing studio trains students in the ancient art of working with hot glass to create sculptural and functional objects. Our program emphasizes a strong foundation in traditional technique and form while providing an opportunity to explore contemporary boundary-pushing techniques. Historical and contemporary techniques will be covered as students produce a variety of forms including vessels, stemware and objects of their own design. Our Glassblowing studio is equipped with a 120 pound furnace, three annealing ovens, and three glory holes. 

Flameworking: In the Flameworking studio, the beauty of molten glass is up close and personal as students work on a desktop torch fueled by oxygen and propane. Colorful glass rods and clear glass tubes are formed into objects such as beads, marbles, pendants, small vessels and intricate sculpture.  Nine torches and three annealing kilns make for a fast-paced and productive studio.

Printmaking: Students in our new Printmaking studio will explore a wide range of traditional and experimental printmaking techniques, including screen-printing, relief printing, and monoprinting. Working with oil and water-based inks, students will create original prints both by hand and with a press. Lessons will include plate and paper preparation, etching, drypoint and engraving. While some familiarity with drawing is helpful, this class is open to all students interested in printmaking. (First Session Only)

Metal Sculpture & Fabrication: Learning to shape and sculpt steel by cutting, drilling, grinding, forging, and welding, students in the Metal Sculpture studio are trained to use MIG welders, plasma cutters, bench grinders, and oxy-acetylene torches to create functional and sculptural work. This comprehensive course allows a comfortable balance between assigned and self-designed projects, and also encourages the use of found objects and collaborative projects. Students will create well-crafted, conceptually sound and durable sculptures. (Second Session Only)

Instructors: Instructors are accomplished artists from around the country. Each studio of nine students is staffed with two instructors, most of whom have an MFA or equivalent experience in their medium.   As working artists, our instructors bring both technical expertise and real world experience to the classroom.  Instructors live on campus and are a vital part of the thriving community created here each summer.

Location and living conditions: The 50-acre campus is located on a historic New England farm in the foothills of the Berkshires. Students, faculty, and staff live and work together in a community committed to respect, hard work, and authentic creative expression. The fully equipped studios and modern living spaces blend into the buildings and landscape. Students live in comfortable double rooms in a four gender-separate dorms.  The kitchen and dining hall, a focal point of daily life, serves home-cooked meals made with fresh local ingredients. All students take a turn helping out in the kitchen and cleaning the dorm bathrooms.

Duration: 2 to 4 weeks 


Tuition, Room, Meals:  : 2950 Euros per session or 5550 Euros for both sessions.

Materials Fee: 230 Euros per session. Glassblowing and Flameworking have an additional materials fee of 90 Euros each.

Optional Fees

Shuttle Service (Bradley Airport, Springfield Amtrak, Northampton Bus): 50 Euros one way

Inter-session (staying at Snow Farm between sessions): 110 Euros