Saint-Laurent de Cerdans

French Language Summer Camp for Teenagers in the Pyrénées

French Language Summer Camp for Teenagers in the Pyrénées

Learn French while spending unforgettable holidays!

Games, outdoor activities, walks, relaxation, lots of laughs!

French Language Immersion Summer Camp for teenagers aged 11 - 17 in the South of France

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    Detailed programme

    This language holiday is a real adventure: on horseback, in a sailing boat, tackling ropes above a canyon, wake boarding  or on the beach, you’ll speak and learn French all day long. You improve French while having fun!

    Participants come from anywhere in Europe and also from all over the world to spend an amazing time all together! Groups are divided according to ages: "Juniors" are between 11 and 15, and "Ados" are between 15 and 17. There are between 16 and 24 participants in each group with a minimum of 2 young French people as well as 2 to 3 energetic leaders who will accompany the teenagers during their stay!

    Participants are encouraged to speak French all day long, in addition to the French workshops they have every day. Speaking the language of Molière must become automatic: they must live, feel, think and also dream in our language! Participants will live in a French-speaking environment! They will share daily life in French in an international atmosphere. It is also a lot of great activities, original and creative French lessons, meeting awesome people, and live unforgettable moments!

    During the French workshops (7 workshops per stay), you will be practicing three hours a day, at your own pace and in small groups of 6 to 8 people of the same level. You'll gain confidence which will make you feel like speaking French. You will quickly enlarge your vocabulary, learn new expressions and tell jokes in French!

    The French learning sessions are very creative: role-playing games, interviews, radio or video reporting. You might try a new recipe, play games or hold debates.

    The instructors are experienced and qualified to teach French as a foreign language and they know how to adapt the workshops perfectly with regard to each participant. 

    In two weeks of immersion holiday, your French won’t be faultless but you’ll speak far more fluently living in a French-speaking environment. Thanks to our communicative, fun and very practical method, you'll be amazed by your progress.

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First Camp: 11 Days programme: 20 to 30 July 2024

Second Camp: 14 Days programme: 01 to 14 August 2024

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    Between mountains and the bright blue sea, the Domain is established in the heart of the Southern region of Pyrénées Orientales, the Catalan region ! Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and its long sandy beaches, surrounded by the Pyrénées Mountains and its high peaks, at the Spanish border. 

    The centre is located 4 km from the village of Saint Laurent de Cerdans, a charming typical village nestled in the green hills filled with chestnut trees, beeches and oaks. Under the gaze of the "Canigou" Mountain (2785 meters high), there's nothing like it!!

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    2 programmes are offered, the 11 days immersion programme and the 14  days intensive immersion programme.

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    - Aged 11 to 17 years old

    - A Minimum level of French is required to attend the French summer course: we expect you to have the basic knowledge needed to be able to express yourself in simple phrases and to follow the gist of a slow conversation with simple sentences. You will also need the motivation to make continuous efforts in French throughout the day. 

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    Living Conditions

    Participants are accommodated in cosy 4 to 6 bedrooms with private bathroom.

    Participants can enjoy the swimming-pool under a bright sun and appreciate tons of cosy spots outside.

    Several common rooms are also available for parties, one with a fireplace.

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    1 480,00 €

    the 11 Days immersion programme 

    1680€ the 14 Days Intensive Programme

    This price includes: 

    - Full room and board

    - French workshops adapted to the level of the participant (1 teacher for 8 to 10 participants), individual guidance, tailor-made teaching materials, workbook.

    - Constant presence of the team and the young French people during July and August (1 for 8 to 10 non-French participants).

    - All the activities (sporting activities, excursions and overnight stay at the Mediterranean Coast), accompanied by our team, sport instructors and equipment included

    - Transportation on site by coach or minibus

    - Administration fees (€150), liability insurance (third party damage) and for medical expenses as a result of an accident during the stay

    - Membership fee to the association. 

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    Application Process

    To receive the information package and apply, please contact us by email.

You can directly email us at

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