Flamenco tour in Seville, Spain

2 weeks of training and cultural events related to the Flamenco way of life!

Location : Seville

Dates : mars, juin, août

Duration : 2 weeks

Tariff : 473,00 €

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Detailed programme:

The art of flamenco was born in Andalusia in a marginal and persecuted community where jews, Arabs, Christians and Gypsies lived side by side. Flamenco represents a unique mix of all these influences, forged over centuries under the andalusian sun by people determined to escape their poverty via dance and music. There are 3 forms: Cante – song, Baile – dance and Guitarra – the guitar.

Two weeks in Winter, two weeks in Spring and two weeks in Summer to experience the intensity of the Flamenco world. The combination of courses include a great programme of activities related to the Flamenco way of life.
This unique opportunity will be the best way to get closer to one of the greatest and most original art forms.
The combination of dance and technique course with Spanish language together with "compás" and "palmas", are the basis of the Flamenco Tour.
Personal attention to each pupil is guaranteed, therefore you will be working in very small groups.
To make the experience complete you will also have the chance to attend the best flamenco events and cultural visits with the Spanish course.

Spanish course: Flamenco art, its lyrics, its messages, the andalucian landscapes or the emotions of its people can be understood and felt in a much deeper way through the knowledge of its language.
 The course includes oral and written comprehension, giving particular attention to the vocabulary and the rich semantics of the Castillian language (with its andalucian influences).
Levels: Beginner, Relative Beginners, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate
Maximum per group: 7 students

The flamenco dance course has been designed to reinforce and improve your skills in the basis of this art form. The body posture, the arms, hands, legs and footwork are basic elements which need to be developed within the choreography.
Levels: Beginner, Relativee Beginner, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate
Maximum per group: 7 students

The "compás" (Rhythm) and "palmas" (Clapping) are the pillars of Flamenco; it is very important that you understand them, to enable you to become involved in the accompaniment of a performer or to join in at a flamenco party.
 The basic objective of this course is to teach the "redobles", "contratiempos" or just the compás which are essential complements for the dance courses.
Levels: Beginner, Relative Beginner, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate

To know what dance level you are, here is a list of guidelines:
- Beginners level: Students who don't have any previous experience with Flamenco Dance.
- Beginners with some knowledge level: Students who have already had previous experience with Flamenco Dance – from six months to two years, once or twice weekly.
- Intermediate level: Students who have acquired a basic knowledge of the different body techniques used in Flamenco Dance – footwork, arms... – and who have already worked with complete choreographies of some basic forms. Tangos de Málaga, Tangos or Alegrías. Between two and three years experience.
- Advanced Intermediate level: Students who have achieved technical control and possess extensive knowledge of the techniques of flamenco dance and forms among which we would included Bulerías, Seguiriyas and Soleá. At least three years experience.
You should be aware that levels in Spain are higher than anywhere else..

Place: The school was founded in 1994 and is located in the heart of Seville.

Dates in 2020:
02 to 13 March
01 to 12 June
03 to 14 August

Duration: 2 weeks, course starts on the first Monday (Participant should arrive in Seville on the Sunday prior to the start date)

Accommodation: The school has a network of individual and double rooms in shared flats, in the historic centre of the city, near the school and with access to kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Flamenco tour – level beginner : 473 €
This price includes:
Dance and technique course: 20 h
Spanish course: 15 h
Compas y palmas: 4 h

Flamenco tour - Beginners with knowledge ; low intermediate, upper intermediate: 602 €
This price includes:
Dance and technique course: 30 h
Spanish course: 15 h
Compas y palmas: 4h

Lodging cost :
2 weeks Single room in a shared flat (13 nights) 250 €
2 weeks Double room in a shared flat (13 nights) 350 €

Good to know:
Aliore also offer all year round Flamenco guitar course and Flamenco dance course in Seville.


« Tout le personnel de l'école est très chaleureux et sympathique. L'école propose de nombreuses activités telles que des spectacles de Flamenco avec des réductions et ils nous réservent les tickets. Réunions dans un bar près de l'école tous les lundis soirs avec une super ambiance créée par les professeurs. Les cours de flamenco étaient vraiment super, attention toutefois au niveau plutôt élevé, les cours vont vite! Les cours d'espagnol étaient bons et sympathiques, mais la professeur parle uniquement espagnol, il faut donc se débrouiller un minimum. Les cours de compas y palmas étaient intéressants et plus ou moins nécessaires pour rentrer dans le monde du flamenco. J'ai adoré l'école et Séville. Chouette ambiance avec des gens venant du monde entier. Même en ayant 17 ans, j'ai été parfaitement adaptée et j'ai adoré passer du temps avec des adultes. »

Juliette Le 23/08/2016

« L'Ecole de flamenco est familiale, de dimension très humaine. Ambiance très agréable, beaucoup d'attention et d'informations. Le niveau de danse débutant était approprié. Néanmoins il serait nécessaire, je pense, de dire que les cours collectifs sont plus faciles à suivre si l'on a déjà eu une pratique de la danse. Stage de découverte en danse flamenco, palmas et langue, à la hauteur de mes attentes. Merci pour ces programmes de très bonne qualité. »

Claire Le 19/08/2016