Workshop in bronze in Burkina Faso

Learn about the ancient practice of lost-wax casting bronze sculptures.

Location : Dioulasso

Dates : All year round

Duration : 7 days

Tariff : 435,00 €

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Detailed programme:

Kossy Traoré, sculptor and caster, a profession he has inherited from his own father, together with his apprentices, offer classes to teach you the ancient tradition of lost-wax casting with bronze.
The Sékou Tidiane Traoré foundry, located in the Koko district in the heart of the city, opens its doors to many trainees and foreign artists.
Through the creation of sculptures using pure beeswax to bronze, learn about all the different steps of this technique: wax model-making, mould-making, pouring of bronze, releasing, metal chasing, polishing, and smoking.
This ancient technique consists in making a wax mould with sprue for the casting of bronze, then coated with a fire-proof material such as plaster, and then placed in the oven to melt the wax and then melted bronze is poured into the shell. This is how you can reproduce a bronze model in a wax mould which then needs to be finished off and given patina.

Place: Bronze sculptures and crafts are a local specialty in Bobo-Dioulasso, economic and cultural capital of Burkina Faso.
The capital is located in the south of the country and is well known in the whole continent for its artists and craftspeople: dancers, musicians, griots, blacksmiths, wood sculptors, potters, batiks makers, etc. will make you experience this dynamic, liveable city with its warm welcome to visitors.

dates: This workshop can be booked year-round.

Duration: 7-day accommodation and a 5-day workshop

We offer typical African accommodations around a traditional inner courtyard. You will enjoy a small house (one room with mosquito netting) open to the common courtyard with toilets and shower (using buckets) outside. Breakfast will be served every morning. This is the best way to get acquainted with the local population and meet great people.
If you wish for more comfort, you can get a European style type of accommodation or a room at a hotel for extra-cost.

Cost: 435 €
The price includes:
- 5-day workshop (about 7 hrs per day) with craftspeople-teachers at the Sékou Tidiane Traoré foundry.
- The making of 2 sculptures with 6 kilos of bronze maximum
- Membership fees

Homestay accommodation available for 7,50€ per day.

Customize your visit:
It is possible to make a number of changes to your workshop in agreement with the craftsperson, i.e. the duration, the accommodation, the number of sculptures, etc.