Silk weaving in Madagascar

Silk weaving in Madagascar

Stay with a Malagasy family-run company

Traditional know-how of working silk

Create your own silk stole with Rachelle, our weaver host in her home village of Antsirabe.

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    Detailed programme

    Rachelle will introduce you to all the steps of making the silk lambas (scarves or stoles): spinning, dyeing, weaving.
    In one week you will get acquainted with the different steps in the making of a silk scarf: yarn bleaching, traditional dyeing, starching, spinning, preparing the warping and weft, setting the loom and finally weaving.
    Rachelle and her spinning employees are happy to welcome you and take care of you whenever you need some help with the more difficult aspects of this technique.
    In addition, you can take your own creation back home!

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Year-round depending on weaver’s availabilities.

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    The family-run company is located in the village of Talata Andraikiba, 7 km from Antsirabe (150 km south of Antananarivo).

    How to get there?
    We can book you a seat in a direct bus or car from the bus station south of Antananarivo to Talata Andraikiba without changing in Antsirabe. The bus ride costs 8000 Ariary (about 3 €)

    It is very easy to get to Antsirabe by taxi from the spinning workshop, which is just at the bus stop.

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    5 days
    You can choose: a 20-hour workshop (4 hrs per day, from 8 am to 12 pm) or

    a 40-hour workshop (8 hrs per day, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 to 5:30 pm)

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    Live at the weaver's house.

    The house has an indoor shower but toilets are outdoors. Expect a somewhat rustic comfort.

    You can choose half board or full board accommodation.
    If you prefer to enjoy more independence, we recommend the Dera Hotel, at a 5-min. walk from the workshop. They offer rooms and bungalows for 30,000 to 40,000 Airary per day (about 15 €).
    For those who prefer a change of atmosphere, there is a restaurant with a view on the lake open for lunch and dinner, with menus for 19,000 Ariary.
    The village itself is very pleasantly located near Andriaka Lake; it is calm and there are no security issues.

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    250,00 €

    The 20-hour workshop + Bed & Breakfast accommodation

    - 20-hour workshop + half-board accommodation: 275€
    - 20-hour workshop + full-board accommodation: 300€

    - 40-hour workshop + Bed & Breakfast: 320 €
    - 40-hour workshop + half-board accommodation: 345 €
    - 40-hour workshop + full-board accommodation: 370 €

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    Good to know

    What to see near Talata Andraikiba on foot:
    - The lakes and rice fields
    - A village with weavers using large, semi-modern looms for high-quantity weaving.
    Rachelle can go with you on your walks or recommend a guide she knows.
    If you are interested in renting a mountain bike or a motorcycle to ride
    around the lakes you can contact Rando Raid Madagascar in Antsirabe (in
    front of the Arche Restaurant)
    E-mail :
    This agency also offers horse-riding tours.

    Highlights in Antsirabe:
    - the famous gem-stone market
    - the craftspeople (embroidery, horn, miniatures, metal objects, confectionery, etc.)
    - the big market
    - the Hotel des Thermes and the Railway station for its architecture
    - just strolling around the town for its atmosphere


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