Ralph and Rosemary welcomed Clément as a French tutor into their home!

Ralph and Rosemary welcomed Clément as a French tutor into their home!

“I once again am enjoying the opportunity to refresh my understanding of French language as well as the daily experience of participating in French conversation.
While Clement helps improve my French, I too am able to assist him with his English.  It is a unique, two-way experience that has us in fits of laughter and shaking our head over the many similarities in our languages, as well as the many differences and inconsistencies in both.

The 4 weeks went very quickly and sadly Clement had to leave us and return home.  I think the time he spent here in Australia gave him a really good taste for our way of life and he immersed himself at every opportunity to try new things and get out and enjoy as much of Wollongong and Sydney as he could during his stay (and a bit of Melbourne too).

He was a most affable young man and my wife and I were delighted to have him stay with us.  He fitted well into our day to day routines and involved himself fully with our friends and family.  Like the ongoing friendship that has continued long after my stay with the French family back in 2012, Clement is keen to stay in touch and continue to develop our friendship in the future. We are perhaps looking at visiting him and his family our next holiday to France. 

I miss the daily French conversations already and I'm sure Clement's family and friends will be able to hear a bit of the Aussie accent in his English speaking, which really improved as we laughed at the many different expressions used in both languages. 

Thank you for finding another great match for us in this wonderful program of yours.  I hope all your tutors and their host families enjoy the fantastic interchange of language, ideas and culture as much as I have.”

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