Live with and teach English to a family in France

Live with and teach English to a family in France

A real insight into French culture

Live in France on a budget

Tailor-made placements throughout France

Looking for teaching English jobs in France? Share your language 15 hours each week in exchange for free room and board in France!

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    Detailed programme

    Immerse yourself in the French language and culture while teaching English in France.This volunteer programme is a great opportunity to experience French lifestyle and improve your linguistic skills at a low cost. You live with a host family and in exchange for your own room and meals, you share your language for around 15 hours per week.
    This programme has a focus on cultural exchange, it is designed for flexible people wishing to experience the French culture in depth.
    Participating in this programme implies sharing daily life with a French family, learning their language and culture and adopting it as their own for a period of time. At the same time, the participant will share his/her own language and culture with the members of the local family.
    Duties: You help the family, usually the kids, with their English studies for up to 15 hours per week. Sometimes the teaching is for adults only.
    Lessons can be more or less formal, depending upon the family needs.
    When a placement has been agreed by all parts, you will have to discuss with the family what form the lessons will take: the number of formal lessons, dinner conversation, sharing activities with the children, playing games in English, etc. It is also important to agree a schedule so everybody is clear about when you will be teaching and when it is your "time off".
    It is very important that you prepare teaching tools in advance using the many web resources, as well as bringing a dictionary and a grammar book to refer to.

    Each family is interviewed and carefully selected taking into account their genuine desire to learn a new language and share their culture with the participants.
    Full details of the accommodation will be provided with the placement offer.

    - Travel at a low cost
    - Experience the French culture in depth
    - Use this teaching experience to enhance your resume

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Available all year round. However, placements during summer are often short term placements (1 month) as most families go on holiday. Only a few placements are available in August.

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    Placements can be offered all over France depending on the availabilities when you apply.

    Placement in Québec and French Overseas and Departments Territories are sometimes possible (Guadeloupe, Mayotte...).
    Most families live in villages or near towns.
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    4 to 12 weeks

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    - Be a native English speaker
    - Have finished High School
    - Be flexible, open-minded and willing to adapt quickly to your new environment
    - Respect the host family’s rules
    - Have some knowledge of French. The programme is not suitable for total beginners in French
    - Previous teaching experience is not a requirement but is highly recommended.
    - Senior welcome!

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    The family offers full board and private accommodation.

    However, some families are not at home during the day, parents work outside and children are at school all day long. In this case, language assistants are responsible for their own lunch (you can use the kitchen or take a snack in the city centre). Language assistants should be flexible with lunches and adapt themselves to the reality of the family.
    Facilities of the house are shared with the family, private bathroom is sometimes available.

    Personal expenses are at your own charge even on family outings (cinema tickets, entrance fees..)

    As being part of the family, you will be expected to keep your room tidy and clean and respect the host family’s rules.
    You will not be requested to act as a domestic help or an au pair - namely
    cooking / cleaning or child-minding. However, you will be expected to take a reasonable role with day to day household chores, such as helping to prepare meals, washing up, general tidying etc.

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    500,00 €

    the 4 weeks placement
    600 € the 8 weeks placement
    700 € the 12 weeks placement

    These fees include:
    - All the coordination, in-person visits and communication necessary to organise the placement with a host family in France (placement includes accommodation and meals)
    - Orientation information, and all in-country informational materials.
    - Transfer from the airport/ train station to the host family
    - Guidance from in country coordinator throughout your stay

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    Application Process

    To receive the application package, please contact us

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