Terms and Conditions

In light of the global Coronavirus situation, we are offering these additional Terms & Conditions starting 16th March. These will apply until the situation is no longer considered a pandemic.

The following cancellation terms apply if either
a) You have to cancel your programme due to being diagnosed with Covid-19
b) There are travel restrictions that prohibit you attending your programme

If any of the above apply, we will
Offer you a credit for the programme. This will be transferable if you personally can’t attend the programme.
Offer you a refund of the full fees (minus membership fee of 50€)
In order to offer you the above solutions we will need proof of points a) or b)
The above cancellation terms apply up to 1 week before your programme is due to start.


Now that you have decided on a workshop, below you will find important information concerning your registration.

ALIORE, Worldwide workshops is an association formed under the 1901 Statute which governs associations. It was declared at the Prefecture of Hérault on September 12, 2005 and is registered in the directory of Companies and Establishments under the number 524 875 79600038.
The ALIORE association is a member of the UNAT Occitanie (National Union of Tourism Associations on Occitanie) and ATD (Sustainable Tourism Actors).

Registration and payment:
To book your programme, please fill out the registration form on line in order to receive your invoice. The invoice will show the amount to be sent to the association so that we can make the booking (this payment fluctuates between 10 and 20 % of the total price of the programme, depending on the programme chosen. It includes our annual membership fees and the service for connecting with our partners).
Payment can be made By safe online payment via ComNpay, by Bank Transfer or by check in Euros from a French Bank made out to ALIORE.
Don’t forget to mention the title of your programme along with your payment.

Your e-mail : 
Your name : 
Amount to be paid : 
Programme chosen : 

Checks should be sent to the following address:

Les Ateliers Autour du Monde - Worldwide Workshops
23 rue Jean Giono,
34080 Montpellier, France

Bank transfer should be made to: CCM MONTPELLIER OPERA,18 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 34000 MONTPELLIER, FRANCE
Account n°: 00020369202
IBAN : FR76 1027 8089 6300 0203 6920 231

Once we receive your payment, we will book your programme with our partner and will send you a receipt with our partner's contact details and bank information so that you can pay direct to the service provider.
Our receipt confirms your registration. It contains all necessary and useful information concerning the programme.

Cancellations must be notified in writing (either by email or by letter) as soon as possible. The date the notification is received will determine the refund according to our scale for refunds due to cancellation.

If ALIORE must cancel your registration, you will receive a full refund on the amount paid to ALIORE.
If you decide to cancel your registration:
If we have not yet sent the registration confirmation, you will receive a complete refund.
If the confirmation has been sent, the refund will be complete on condition that it is within 4 weeks before the start date of the workshop.
With a limit of 2 weeks prior to the programme's start date, 50% of the money paid to ALIORE will be refunded.
Less than 2 weeks before the programme's start date, no refunds will be made.
If for any reason you do not complete the totality of a workshop or programme, ALIORE will not refund your payment.

Programs paid to our partners are subject to the conditions specific to each provider.

These registration and refund conditions concern workshops around the world. Please note that the language assistants and volunteer programmes have specific conditions detailed in the application package that is given to you before any registration. Please refer to this document for registration and refund conditions for these programmes.

Modification to programmes
Rather than cancelling a participant's registration in a programme, ALIORE will offer an alternative date or programme. Depending on the modifications requested, we will make a concerted effort to meet the participant's needs.

ALIORE does not organise national or international transports. We suggest that you compare flights fare on the internet or that you contact a Travel Agency to organise your international transports.

In France, the associaton ALIORE is insured according to « Public liability » or third party insurance with the MAIF.
However, ALIORE, its national and international partners, and the families lodging participants cannot be held responsible for loss or damages affecting the participant throughout the duration of the programme. The participant assumes complete responsibility for travel to the workshop as well as health concerns, accidents or need for cancellation.
For participants of French nationality who are staying in France, public liability insurance («responsabilité civile ») is obligatory.
For all other participants (French citizens in foreign countries and all other nationalities), travel insurance (public liability, medical coverage, repatriation, cancellation) is obligatory. Confirmation of this insurance must be submitted to ALIORE before the programme begins.

Force majeure
Force majeure refers to any outside event beyond ALIORE's control for which ALIORE cannot be held responsible and which may hinder the participant, the association or the service provider (partner) from carrying out all or part of the obligations mentioned in the contract. This can include strikes in transportation systems, hotel personnel, airtraffic controllers, political instability and civil uprising, any governmental public prohibitions, weather, geographical, or sanitary conditions affecting the country where the programme or workshop is taking place. In the case of force majeure, the parties so affected shall be relieved of their reciprocal obligations during the period that such event and its consequences continue, but only to the extent so prevented. In addition both parties are responsible for costs incurred due to force majeure conditions. Consequently in the case of force majeure, travellers are solely responsible for costs necessary for the continuation of their voyage.

Participant's Obligations
Participants must have within their possession all necessary legal documents (passports, visas) for entering and staying in the country where the programme or workshop will be taking place, and that will permit them to carry out the programme in its full duration.
Participants must commit to following programme rules and regulations as well as to respecting the customs and way of life of the local population, the families with whom the participant will be staying.

Legal Regulations
All contracts concluded between the participant and the association ALIORE fall under French law.