Cultural immersion in Kawatana
living with a Japanese family

Cultural immersion in Kawatana
living with a Japanese family

A unique experience in a unique country!

Experience the Japanese way of life, discover family cuisine and cultural traditions with Shoko and her family

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    Detailed programme

    Japan is a country with an extremely rich culture, which radiates throughout the world. Whether it is culinary, artistic, traditional or historical, it is a country that fascinates and influences. Shoko, originally from the village of Kawatana (near Nagasaki) will be your guide to discover the customs and culture of this magnificent country. Trilingual Japanese/French/English and living in France, she is the ideal person to offer you a total immersion in this society. A rare gateway to Japanese culture!

    You will stay in a traditional tatami room in the house of Shoko and her family in her native village, 1 hour from Nagasaki. Experience and discover Japanese culture every day through varied and authentic experiences!

    Day 1: Arrival, welcome by Shoko and her family, visit Kawatana village.
    Day 2 to day 6: It is up to you to choose your activities and visits!
    Day 7: Breakfast and departure

    Experiences to choose from:
    Visit Yamaguchi village: experience and learn about Tebineri pottery techniques, which means "finger pinching" (duration 6h, 6000yen ≈ 45€ with lunch)
    Visit to Mikawachi village, also famous for its pottery and porcelain: 
    experience and discover Rakuyaki techniques (painting on unglazed bare metal) mainly used for the tea ceremony (duration 4h, 4000yen ≈ 30€)
    Course and discovery of Ikebana, or the art of bringing flowers to life, is a very refined art of floral composition (Thursday at 8pm, duration 2h)
    Sadou initiation, participate in the traditional tea ceremony and discover the associated customs (duration 1h, 1500yen ≈ 10€)
    Japanese pastry class: learn how to prepare the famous Melon Pan, a pastry with a very special texture and taste (duration 5h, 2500yen ≈ 20€)! 
    Calligraphy class (1000yen ≈ 8€)
    Sake tasting and brewery visit in Hirado (200yen ≈ 2€), or in Sasebo (free).
    Japanese cutlery workshop/tour in Omura town.

    Choice of visits :
    Visit of Sonogi village: Tea workshop (3 hours), visit of the tea field, discovery of tea making and tea tasting.
    Hiking on Mount Kokuzo, 608m high: Several itineraries are available, with different routes and varying degrees of elevation gain. The shortest route takes 1.5 hours and the longest 4.10 hours.
    Visit and discover the village of Hasami, its art of rice cultivation and Nakao pottery (duration 4h)
    Visit of the city of Sasebo, the "most beautiful bay in the world".  Discover the 99 islands that make up the bay by boat (duration 4h, 1500yen ≈ 10€)
    Visit to the town of Hirado, a UNESCO World Heritage island. Visit to Hirado Castle (duration 8 hours, 520yen ≈ 5€ + other visits) 
    Nagasaki City Tour: Visit to the Atomic Bomb Museum (duration 8h, 200yen ≈ 2€ + Transport 2700yen ≈ 20€ + other visits)
    Visit Saga City Flea Market: (If open during the stay period.) About 200 meters long, with between 30 and 50 stalls offering local culinary specialties and various typical items, such as pottery, it is one of the 3 largest morning markets in the country.

    Example of the organization of the week :
    Day 2: Discovering Rakuyaki techniques and the tea ceremony 
    Day 3: Hike on Mount Kokuzo, picnic and visit of Hasami town
    Day 4: Visit Sasebo town and Japanese pastry class (melon pan)
    Day 5: Visit Nagasaki City
    Day 6: Visit Sonogi village and discover Ikebana techniques  
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Programme available all year round according to the family's availability

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    Kawatana, a small village near Nagasaki, Japan

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    One week

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    To be willing to discover the Japanese culture and its customs! 

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    You will stay with Shoko and her family, in a typical and traditional tatami room, with futon mattress. Toilets and bathroom are shared, but it is quite possible to enjoy the onsen, Japanese public thermal bath (outdoor or indoor), which is a must try!

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    Living Conditions

    Shoko and her family will also give you cooking lessons in the evening during the meals, around 6/7pm!

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    930,00 €

    for one person. For 2 people 1370€, for 3 people 1700€.

    This price includes :

    Transport by car

    Accommodation with local people

    Breakfast and dinner 

    Personalized guide and interpreter, Shoko!

    The annual membership fee of 50€ to the Aliore association.

    ⦁      The cooking lessons provided by Shoko & her family.

    This price does not include:

    The breakfast

    Paid activities and experiences

    Public transport

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