Edible Wild plants workshop, midway between Hérault and Tarn region

Edible Wild plants workshop, midway between Hérault and Tarn region

Integrate wild edible plants into your life!

Go discover edible and medicinal plants!

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    Detailed programme

    Most of the “savoir-faire” (know how) that allowed us to survive thousands of years ago has almost disappeared in the previous years. The era of hunter-gatherers gave way to the industrialization of agriculture.

    Through walks, workshops and green outings in a magnificent setting, Monica invites you to discover wild edible plants and rediscover our previous food autonomy. Ethical and safe harvesting guaranteed! 

    Monica is what we call a “nature lover” who’s willing to share her passion. Through theoretical and practical explanations, you will discover and master the use of medicinal plants but also their contraindication, their preparation and the different ways of consuming the plants. Is there a better way than to consume organic, local and zero waste?

    You will expect: picking, wild cooking, hiking, orientation, medicinal transformations, water filtration techniques and bivouac (sleeping bag and tents will be available on site). Each activity generally lasts 3 hours and each day includes break time to rest. 

    Day 1: introduction to the orientation (understand how to locate and spot the plants in nature) then theoretical and practical course of wild cooking. 

    Day 2: reconnaissance walk and picking. After the meal, you will create a kit to treat yourself with the plants available at the season. 

    Day 3: review of orientation classes, hike-picking to arrive at the bivouac site. You will learn water filtration techniques, how to set up the bivouac and you will cook with what you collected. (You will spend the night in a tent or under the stars) 

    Final day: You will go back to the cottage and leave. 

    Monica also proposes another workshop, still on the theme of wild plants and still in Fraïsse-sur-Agout, entitled "From the plant to the remedy" which will focus more on the creation of galenic preparations (the form in which the active ingredients and excipients are put to constitute a medicine. This can be aqueous extractions, hydro-alcoholic macerations, capsules...). You will be able to take your remedies home with you. 

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--> Edible wild plants workshop

The workshop takes place from 7th to 10th of July 2022.

--> From the plant to the remedy

From July 4th and 5th 2022, other date possible on the week of July 11th to 16th 2022.

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    Around Fraisse-sur-Agout, in Hérault. It is part of the Haut-Languedoc regional natural park. The Agout River is located in both departments (Herault and Tarn) at the same time.

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    --> Edible wild plants workshop

    The workshop takes place over 3 and a half day and each day of internship lasts between 8 and 9 hours.

    --> From the plant to the remedy

    The workshop lasts 2 days. 

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    You will stay either at Les Bourdils stopover lodge in the city of Mons, or at the Campblanc forest house in Prémian near Lake Vésoles (this will depend on availability at the time of registration). 

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    350,00 €

    --> Edible wild plants workshop
    It includes accommodation, food, teaching providing by Monica and the annual contribution to the association..           

    --> From the plant to the remedy
    210 € per person. This price includes the material and all the products provided by Monica. Accommodation and meals are not included.      
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