Volunteer in a Green Tourism Project and live with a Host family in South of France

Choose Alternative tourism and live meaningful holidays!

Location : sud de la France

Dates : From April to November

Duration : min. 2 weeks

Tariff : 290,00 €

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Detailed programme :
Take part in the development of a green tourism project in the South of France while experiencing the French lifestyle.
Participative Tourism is based on the concepts of respect and authenticity; It enables the exchange and sharing between the guests and the local population.

You live in hamlets, farmhouses and sites in the heart of breathtaking landscapes.
You share the daily life of a host family and in exchange for accommodation and meals, you give a hand for a minimum of 20 hours per week (maximum 30).
This programme has a focus on cultural exchange, it is designed for flexible people wishing to experience the French culture in depth.
Through your daily work and interactions with your host-family and the local community, you’ll have the opportunity to practise your French and meet new people. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself, as you take on the challenge of living and working in a completely new environment.

We have selected families living in rural areas of the South of France (Aveyron, Languedoc, Cévennes gardoises…) who act locally in welcoming and accompanying hikers and visitors.
Each site is managed by a French willing to provide a tourism that respects the environment. Tourists stay in the wilderness and enjoy the rich nature of this region through ecological activities such as hiking, trekking with donkeys, horse-riding.
Wether it be wood construction (mobile homes, chalets…) or typical stone farmhouse, be assure that you will stay in a wild nature and unspoilt heritage. The landscapes are breathtaking!
The hostfamily will provide training and full support.

Place: Projects are located in the South of France, Languedoc, Aveyron, Gard, etc.

Dates: From April to October

Duration: Minimum 2 weeks - Maximum 6 weeks

Who can apply ?
This programme is open to anyone, boy or girl, couples, families (please see pur specific programmes for families), friends… There is no age limit however the work can be physical and teenagers should come with an adult. All nationalities are welcome !

Living conditions:
You will be staying in a cottage, in a mobile home or at the family’s house depending on the availability when you apply. Meals are collective with your hostfamily.
You’ll have access to Internet.

The volunteer will like rural life and animals
The volunteer will offer a minimum of 20 hours per week to help the hostfamily.
The volunteer is flexible and ready to learn new techniques for construction and processing of dairy products/fruits…
Activities vary from one site to the other and according to seasons. Here is a non exhaustive list of what you can do:
- Wood construction / Dry stones technique
- Masonry
- Clearing / Gardening
- Maintenance of the Chestnut
- Fruits picking
- Processing of fruits (chestnuts, plums, etc..)
- Plant decoration / Land art
- Taking care of the animals
- Processing of dairy products (donkey milk) / Making cheese, etc.
- Welcoming visitors
- Helping in the cottage
- Maintenance
- Babysitting, etc…

- Travel at a low cost
- Experience the French culture in depth
- Use this volunteer experience to enhance your resume

2 weeks : 290 €
4 weeks : 390 €
6 weeks : 440 €

These fees include:
All the coordination, in-person visits and communication necessary to organise the placement with the host family (placement includes accommodation and meals)
Orientation information, and all in-country informational materials.
Transfer from the airport/ train station to the host family
Guidance from in country coordinator throughout your stay

Application: To receive the application package, please contact us at: [Aliore mail infos@aliore.org]

You can also live in France as an english tutor.


"I really enjoyed my time at Château Maisonseule. I was there for 6 weeks, my main intention was to have a new experience and remove myself from normal life, and also to improve my French a little. The people were really lovely and made me very welcome, and the scenery was stunning so I enjoyed making the most of that. As it was quite busy with clients when I was there I mostly helped with the rooms and in the kitchen for dinner service, but sometimes I also helped in the gardens and pathways too. I had plenty of free time during my stay so was able to walk a lot and relax. I wasn't able to explore the local area much as I did not have a car and it was in the middle of nowhere, but I was quite content to be there for 6 weeks as it was so beautiful. I would recommend the programme if you are looking for a different experience!"

Laura Le 23/08/2019

"I had a wonderful experience with the green project I was connected with through Aliore. The environment, the people I met, the sustainable philosophy behind the establishment were amazing to experience. Soizick and her team were so efficient and friendly to communicate with.
I would definitely recommend Aliore to anyone wanting to travel in France and grasp a deeper understanding of the country and it's history and culture."

Lauren Le 12/08/2019

"My wife and I spent 2 weeks in a medieval castle with a French couple who were very lenient with our French language. We had a marvellous vacation, very unique one. Spending 2 week at the medieval castle with a presence of old furniture, paintings, etc. even atmosphere was something out of ordinary. The people we met, people we made friends with all of it was worth while staying there. The landscape and its beauty nearly took our breath away. I was very pleased to be able to help other people with their everyday work. We did what we were told- sweeping the floor, flowering the plants, repairing the medieval wall and so on..."

Miroslaw & Joanna Le 16/10/2018

"It was a lovely experience, the manager was attentive and answered every question or needs I had.
The family makes you feel like at home, you will really immerse yourself as a member of the community where you're staying which is awesome. Great food too!"

Angelica, Canada Le 16/07/2018

"My two weeks at the Viel Audon were amazing. I had wonderful experiences and unforgettable memories! Everyone at Viel Audon was very friendly and kind to me. Some took even special efforts so that I settle in well over there. Colin made sure I have everything I need in terms of comfortable arrangements. Moreover, he made schedule such that I get to not only experience all the activities that happen there but also be good part of the team! I have been on 'garde' with the goats, got to be part of 'traite' for milking of the goats, the cheese making process. Along with that I did some gardening, made bread and even fabricated fry toilettes for their recent festival! I got to be part of the hosting team where I generally used to have most of my meals along with helping them. Thus got an opportunity to interact with interesting groups of children, teachers, professors and the french-german group. I also had time to explore things by myself. So I have gone on balade many times, visited Balazuc very well and nearby regions, visited Avignon and swam in Ardeche. Also I used limited net and laptop access so was refreshing and sort of detoxing for me as I have to be generally have to be on it for work/studies or just for social media in general. The place is so beautiful that each day I was amazed by it in its own way! I must have taken hundreds of pictures there, including many pics at the same locations! I will miss being so close to the nature, with the sound of the birds singing, wind blowing past and just the perfect amount of sunshine! Moreover, I got to experience the life in a village in France. Got to learn a lot about the french culture and also improve my spoken french. The people there were multitalented, amicable and very inspiring to me personally to care more for the environment and to live a simple life. I am deeply grateful to Aliore for this opportunity and extremely enriching experience."

Praharsh, India/Switzerland Le 04/07/2017

"It was a very fruitful experience for us. Farming with the host family and mingling with them taught us a lot of new things. Aliore did a great job helping us when we applied for the program. Overall, I am very satisfied with Aliore as well as the host family we stayed with, and I would strongly recommend it!"

Dheenah & Irfaanah, Singapor
Le 30/10/2016

"If you like animals (especially donkeys), nature, beautiful countryside, walks and cycles and would like to stay with a nice family then go for it!"

Mark, UK Le 26/09/2016

"The volunteer experience was amazing! We loved the site where we were staying, the landscape of the area was incredible. The work was different and was varied every day. We did a lot of work in their organic vegetable garden, feeding the donkeys, as well as helping in the gites and with meal service for the hikers. We also had our free time and went to the river with the family a few times!:). the family were lovely and we really enjoyed getting to know them."

Ruth & Hannah Le 30/08/2016